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We, the Theatre and Dance Alliance (TADA)




  1. The devastating impact of COVID-19 on our theatre and dance sector and on the physical, psychological and emotional wellness of our members and all those who make their livelihoods within this sector

  2. The closure of theatres, cancellation of festivals and restrictions on international travel that have curtailed opportunities

  3. The financial tolls that these have taken on individual practitioners, companies, NGOs and numerous theatre and dance platforms

  4. The impact of the pandemic on our audiences, many of whom fall within the most vulnerable categories, so that they are understandably fearful about returning to theatre

  5. The loss of numerous practitioners and fellow crew to other industries and death

  6. That some of our members and others within the arts and culture sector and society generally are un-vaccinated and are reluctant to be vaccinated because of a lack of information or the ready availability of information that contradicts the prevailing scientific findings




  1. That the overwhelming majority of scientists and credible scientific institutions such as the World Health Organisation, the African Centre for Disease Control and South Africa’s National Institute for Communicable Diseases have all strongly urged that people be vaccinated against the coronavirus and all of these have approved the vaccinations currently being administered by South African health authorities 




  1. That our theatre and dance sector needs to be re-opened safely and sustainably to recover and restore the livelihoods of its workers 

  2. That we have to follow science and the guidance of experts with regard to the efficacy of vaccinations

  3. That we need to make our audiences feel safe in order for them to return to theatres and festivals to support our work

  4. That those who work in the dance and theatre and are vaccinated have a right to know whether their fellow workers are vaccinated or not

  5. That it is the responsibility of those who provide work within the sector to ensure safe working conditions for those they contract



  1. That everyone has the right to make decisions for themselves about whether to be vaccinated or not

  2. That the collective good of the broader dance and theatre sector and of society as a whole supercedes the choices made by individuals in terms of their rights




  1. To position the Theatre and Dance Alliance as a pro-vaccination organisation.

  2. To actively advocate for pro-vaccination efforts/campaigns/mandates/policies/guidelines within the theatre and dance sector.

  3. To actively advocate for theatres to be open to ensure sustainable theatre productions and that all additional COVID-19 protocols are in place.

  4. That those of our members and in our sector who choose not be vaccinated continue to be supported in ways that respect their decisions but do not compromise the safety and health of the broader sector and its audiences e.g. by making available opportunities through technology.

  5. To undertake information campaigns within the sector.

  6. To advocate to use our creative skills to inform society more broadly about COVID-19 and about vaccinations.

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