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The THEATRE AND DANCE ALLIANCE is a coalition of organisations, institutions, festivals and companies that operate, and individuals who make a significant part of their livelihoods within the South African dance and theatre sector.


Our purpose is to advance and defend the interests of the dance and theatre sector as a whole and of the individuals active within it.


We envision a just society in which all citizens enjoy the fundamental right ‘to participate in the cultural life of the community and to enjoy the arts’ (Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights), and in which the dignity, value and rights of creative workers are recognised and upheld.


THEATRE AND DANCE ALLIANCE is committed to the following principles and requires its members to subscribe to such principles: 


  • Anti-discrimination: TADA will not discriminate against anyone on the basis of colour, ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation, age, disability and country of origin. 


  • Non-partisanship and political independence: TADA will not affiliate or align with any political party, while it will engage with all parties that influence policy regarding theatre and dance in the pursuit of its aims. 


  • Unity: TADA will seek to unify the dance and theatre sector across historical, racial, geographical, cultural and other divides, but not compromise its principles in doing so.     


  • Ethical leadership: TADA will promote ethical leadership and will not tolerate corruption, dishonesty and behaviour that places individual self-enrichment above the interests of members or the broader sector, with leaders required to declare their interests and recusing themselves when decisions have to be made about issues in which they have a direct interest.


  • Anti-gender-based violence: TADA will actively promote gender equality and work towards the eradication of violence against women within the dance and theatre sector and within our society as a whole. 


  • Transparency and accountability: TADA will conduct its affairs transparently,  keeping its members informed and conducting itself in a manner that is accountable to its members, even as it seeks to hold accountable those who are responsible for policy and funding of the dance and theatre sector.


  • Democratic: TADA will promote and act according to democratic principles, with the leadership accountable to the members who elected them and uphold transparency and accountability as above. 

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