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Charter of Rights for South African Artists

This campaign is to popularize a Charter that spells out the rights of artists, and to advocate for relevant decision-makers to recognize and affirm these rights in practice.  The campaign will be conducted with Im4theArts initially and will broaden to include other formations.

Charter of Rights for South African Artists
Stage Curtains
Save Our Sector:  Open Theatres Safely and Sustainably

TADA has initiated a campaign to convince the National Command Council to grant provincial governments the right to determine the capacity of theatres, rather than have a blanket limit – such as the current Lockdown Level 3 limit of 50 – imposed on all theatres, despite some having much greater capacity.  Sixteen theatres and festivals attended TADA’s first meeting – a unique achievement in itself – and all expressed support for this campaign.

Save Our Sector:  Open Theatres Safely and Sustainably
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Sectoral Determination

The Department of Employment and Labour is considering proposals from the arts sector about the definition of artists in the dance and theatre sector as workers as historically, we were considered as independent contractors, and therefore excluded from the benefits and protections afforded to other workers by legislation.  TADA, together with the South African Guild of Actors among others, is working to make representations of behalf of the sector in this regard.

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PESP Funding Debacle

TADA has established a team to investigate the PESP funding debacle and to prepare a report from the perspective of civil society.  We are hoping to have a draft report that will help to put facts into the public domain and hold accountable those responsible for the mess, in the coming week.

Presidential Economic Stimulus Programme
(PESP) Funding Report
Image by Crissy Jarvis
Basic Income Grant

The death of Shaleen Surtie-Richards and her much publicized financial challenges that appear to have contributed to her death have again emphasized the need for a Universal Basic Income Grant – a monthly stipend provided by the state for everyone – that would be of huge benefit to those who seek to make their livelihoods within the arts.  This campaign is driven by organisations in other sectors of society and it is imperative to have the voice of the dance and theatre sector present in this campaign.

Basic Income Grant
Trees From Above
Climate Justice Charter

If COVID-19 has decimated the theatre and dance sector, it is but a precursor to the potential impacts of climate change and environmental degradation.  Already, we are seeing the impact as international festivals and producers are less inclined to invite productions from Africa that require international travel, thus contributing to their carbon footprint.  We need to be part of the campaigns that seek climate justice and that defend the interests of our sector.  Again, this is a multi-sector campaign requiring the input of the theatre and dance sector.

Climate Justice Charter Campaign
Reading a Book
Copyright Amendment Bill

The President has referred the Copyright Amendment Bill back to parliament as he is not convinced that it will pass the Constitutional Court (there were many submissions both in support of and against the bill).  The Bill affects the performers' royalties and other matters of interest to the arts.  TADA invites interested members to be part of a team - together with the SA Guild of Actors that has been working on this bill - to prepare a submission. 

Copyright Amendment Bill
People and Flower Graffiti

-  Mental, physical, psycho-emotional, spiritual health and well-being.

-  Professional creative and industry-related opportunities for skills development, practical experience and access to relevant information.

-  As part of the ongoing TADA organisational learning and development process - to collate and archive relevant documentation - generating a resource from which educational materials may be developed in future.

Full Terms of Reference HERE.

Infinitree: Health,
Well-being and
Capacity Building

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